Introducing: Fishface, underwater pan & tilt unit

Accommodating remote head SD and HD cameras it can be used either on Polecam or with a standalone clamp. Live transition air-water-air shots are easily realised making this housing ideal for unique shots especially for Sports and Natural History. FishFace is a completely submersible camera housing and pan & tilt unit with full 360 degree pan capability with unrestricted movement. The housing will accommodate both high definition and standard definition cameras sold with Polecam.

The FishFace head can be used on Polecam at it's maximum length which gives you a reach of 26 feet (8 metres) when using 7th Heaven or 20 feet (6 metres) when using the standard five sections of carbon fibre. To overcome the problem of buoyancy the carbon fibre poles supplied with FishFace have been drilled with holes to allow water to flood in and out easily. The camera housing can easily be removed from the pan & tilt unit and can be used with the standalone clamp provided.

Live transition air-water-air shots are easily realised with FishFace and operators can easily create unique shots. To date FishFace and Polecam have produced some stunning footage from the following events:-

Feature Film – Arctic Tale

Athens and Beijing Olympics

World Swimming Championships

BBC Natural History – Frozen Planet



Supplied ready to fit on a Polecam

Movement is comparable to a standard Polecam dry head

Can be used either on Polecam or with the standalone clamp (Swim Alone Housing)

User friendly and reliable

Readily accommodates Toshiba and Iconix remote head HD and SD cameras

Supplied with 4 drilled carbon fibre poles to allow the boom to flood and clear quickly

Standard poles may be exchanged for drilled type

Depth capability: Polecam - 4 metres (13 feet)

Weight 1.64 kg (complete excluding camera & lens)

Drop arm 130 x 29 x 455mm

Housing 68 x 205mm (excluding clamp)